Banding in the Tewkesbury Area: 
1838 - 1900

28th June 1838
Town Band led procession to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Victoria.

9th June 1849
Town Band played at the Tewkesbury Mechanics Institute picnic party at Bushley Shrubberies.

1855 - Town records show that Tewkesbury Town Band existed.

14th July 1860
The Tewkesbury Rifle Corps Band. "The Corps, headed by their pretty little band (of which the Town aught to be, and we believe is, very proud) marched up to the Mythe Villa."
Uniform was salmon tunic and trousers, scarlet facings and black braid and scarlet shako and plume.

5th July 1862
The Tewkesbury Oddfellows fete. Procession accompanied by the two Tewkesbury Rifle Bands.

1st January 1863
Tewkesbury Town Band played seasonable tunes at Upton-On-Severn.
1st August 1863
Tewkesbury Volunteers hold annual shoot. Marched to the butts headed by the band.

4th August 1866
The Independent Englishmen's Society annual gathering headed by Bushley Brass Band.

28th November 1874
Concert given by the Tewkesbury Philharmonic band.
Programme: Symphony - Adagio and Allegro (Hayden), Symphony - Andante No.2 (Hayden), Overture - Italiana de Algeria (Rossini), Symphony - Andante and Allegro No.4 (Hayden), Symphony - Andante and Allegro (Mozart), National Anthem.

17th March 1877
Tewkesbury Philharmonic band gave concert in Tewkesbury Music Hall.
21st March 1877
Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society band give their first concert. Conductor - Mr George Watson (Watson Hall).
9th June 1877
Tewkesbury "Excelsior" Drum and Fife band are a nuisance laying in the streets after 9:30 at night.
7th July 1877
Tewkesbury Philharmonic Society band concert at the Bushley Shrubberies.
15th December 1877
The Philharmonic band gave a concert in the Music Hall.
The town Drum and Fife band are again becoming a public nuisance, playing and marching in the streets at night.

12th February 1887
The town band under Mr Yarnell played at the Philharmonic Hall (Watson Hall) for the Amateur Dramatic Society.
Salvation Army started in Tewkesbury.

25th July 1896
Twyning and Upton-On-Severn had brass bands.

7th December 1899
The Town Band played at Musical Entertainment evening at the town club.

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