YBS were in Town!

This was a great evening from their first note to their last! As they walked on stage in their green shirts and smart suits, you could tell they were here to play well and to entertain, which is certainly what they did!

They were led for this concert by Mr Derek Broadbent [not Richard Evans as stated in the programme]. The band was joined by one of our local young cornet players, Nick Walkley, who plays with the Flowers Band. [Nick's Mum plays with our band!]. 

The concert opened with the march, The Waltonian by JJ RIchards, a piece that I had not heard before but thoroughly enjoyed. This was followed in traditional style with an overture that is a favourite of many, Glinka's 'Russian and Ludmilla'. The bands principal cornet, Stuart Lingard, then beautifully played the solo, Lark In The Clear Air. This piece finished with the first of several amazingly long notes held perfectly by the soloists! Derek Broadbent, being a Lancashire man, then realised he had to conduct, Ilkley Moor, a piece based on the famous Yorkshire anthem, On Ilkley Moor Baht 'At! 

This was followed by one of the most beautiful pieces we have ever heard. Titled 'Silver Mountain', this original work by Goff Richards uses the greatest harmonies a band could ever play to paint the image of a silver mountain scene. It was very sensitively played by YBS and owed a lot to the band working together and playing as one to create this feeling. Next, was the trombone solo, Londonderry Air, splendidly played by Simon Cowan. The first half was completed with Howard Snell's exciting 'Postcard from Mexico', Rutter's 'Gaelic Blessing' and Peter Graham's 'Gaelforce'.

Christmas then came early for the lady selling CD's as we bought three and really confused or surprised her!

The second half opened in energetic style with two movements from Peter Graham's 'Windows of the World'. This piece saw the band getting their weekly physical workout with instruments being lifted up everywhere!

This was then followed by a very important announcement - that of our own Christmas concert on the very same stage!

The bands soprano cornet, Peter Roberts, then, by request, played On With The Motley as his superb solo. After this came a sing-a-long with Molly On The Shore! For The Love of a Princess from the film Braveheart was then expressively played before they continued with Comedians Gallop.

Their final soloist of the evening was the incredible Morgan Griffiths who easily played Facaleta even finding time to kiss his euphonium half way through!! This was the penultimate item that led into another of Peter Graham's works, Shine As The Light.

A great time was had by all. Thank you for coming to Tewkesbury.

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