Butlins Adjudicators Comments

Comments from David Read:
Movement 1
Not quite together on opening note, all a little careful. I note your diminuendo all parts are heard as they should be.
Just lacking a little in character.
C a little untidy as we progress. A little tentative before E.
I would like more dynamic contrast, however you play safely through to close.

Movement 2
Just a little heavy on the first note. Try to sing the tune.
J Tuning fine, but i would like it all to be a little more outgoing. It is all very introvert.
The march follows quite well as it should.
Nice sweet cornet sound in final bars and an excellent final chord.

Movement 3
Well done percussion. Watch the pitch in bar 7 (2nd Baritone/Bass Trombone).
All rather tame although no major problems.
P unsettled and not really expressive.
Q could be livelier (Allegro). Scottish snap needs to be firmer.
S not secure.
Safe performance lacking in sparkle.

Comments from David Lancaster:
Movement 1
The opening is cautious but well managed, and you set a good tempo at A.
You are generally neat and tidy with good attention to detail but D-E is untidy.
Be sure to differentiate between f and ff!
Bold ending to a fair movement, just a little untidy at times!

Movement 2
The start is tentative. Good sounds from lower and middle band.
Euph is expressive at K. Fair tutti sounds at L but beware tuning in cornets.
Fine ending - well done basses!

Movement 3
A neat start from percussion but again f and ff are too similar.
Soloist rather timid after P and before Q is untidy.
R is better but still there are slips.
Overall this was a careful performance - safe in many respects
- but lacking the 'vigour and fire' and 'bouncing rhythms' the composer is looking for.