2007 - Now

Dave Brown
  2008 Questionnaire

Musical Background: Started on Cornet at age 9 and was taught by his local town band. Gained grade 8 at 15 years old.

Which Bands / Ensembles do you (have you) played with on a regular basis? Tewkesbury Town Band, Bradwell Silver Band, Winchcombe Concert Brass, Harmonie Adliswil - Zurich, Zurich Altegarde - Swiss Military Band, Woburn Sands Band

What has been your most outstanding banding experience to date? Going on tour to Austria in 2008 with the Harmonie Adliswil.

What are your favourite pieces of music that you have played? John Miles - "Music".

What are your favourite pieces of music to listen to (brass band)? Anything not done by Frank Bernaerts!

What are your favourite pieces of music to listen to (any genre)? Classical to Rock - a variety of anything.

Who is your favourite performer and why? The Wurzels - Top Banana! How could there be anything better - oh, maybe Rolf Harris.

What are your musical ambitions? To master the drums would be good. To play them in time would be a start!

Any other information? The Tewkesbury Express is such a good media for advertising locally www.tewkesburyexpress.com! Hmm...trying to get a spot of free publicity there Dave?!!

Thanks for your time Dave...well, for completing this during band practise!