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Donna McNeill
Percussion ( & Bb Bass!)

Donna's story: 'When I was 7 I wanted to join the recorder group at Junior school, but as I had come from a different infant school and everyone but me could already play, my Mum taught me how to read music so that I could join. From there, I went on to the violin and shortly after was bought an electric organ for my 9th birthday. I played for a few years but then outgrew my music teacher. My new teacher gave everyone who walked in for lessons a brass instrument to try, although I didn't know that at the time, but from my first blow on a cornet I was hooked!'

Since 1988 Donna has played cornet, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, and Eb bass. Donna joined Tekesbury Town Band in 2001 and was our principal Euphonium until work commitments took over in 2003. However, still trying to complete the set, Donna is now back with the band playing percussion with the Senior Band and learning to play the Bb Bass in the Training Band!

Donna previously played for Gloucester Excelsior band for 13 years, as well as Laubach Brass.


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