Helen Edgar (Poole)
Flugel Horn

Little Helen or Helen Number 2 is one of our best cornet players as she's called Helen...what? it's a great name!! Continually embarrassed by her lovely mother, Helen is following in her fathers footsteps by joining the band. Sadly Fred Poole died in 1991 but his memory lives on in Helen and in the Fred Poole Cup for 'Musician of the Year' that is awarded at each Christmas concert. Helen joined the band just in time for our Christmas concert in 1997 but has been playing since she was 7.


1997 - Now

Cornet 1997 - 2008

Flugel 2008 - Now

Helen is a loyal member of the  'cool sock collection club' on the back row. At one stage it was almost uniform to be wearing cool socks at practice if you played on the back row. Unfortunately, the increased number of men that we now have has reduced this as they won't join in. We do however play more right notes now though as less time is taken up comparing socks!! Hmmm....!!!!!!  >>> This team has now moved on to the front row but we are still training the back row to wear cool socks! It definitely improves your playing!
Winner of:
Miles Amherst Trophy for the Junior member who has made the most progress during the year 2000
Dave Crowe Memorial Cup for the Cornet Player of the Year 2005
Fred Poole Memorial Trophy for the Musician of the Year 2007

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