1994 -

Jonathan Allan
Eb Bass

Jonathan is our exuberant bass player who rarely goes unnoticed by the adjudicator at contests since he moved off Euphonium onto Bass full of enthusiasm when it comes to playing [he's actually quite good though so we let him off!].

If we didn't have Jonathan as band manager then I don't think we'd ever get on the stage in the right order!

Jonathan joined the band in 1994 on Bb Bass. He moved onto Euphonium for a few years from 1995 to '98, when he then moved back to the bass section but this time on Eb.

His original inspiration came from a local scout marching band. Since starting to play in 1978, he has played trumpet, cornet, flugel, euphonium, trombone, Eb and Bb bass! 

He claims that his current ambition is to play even louder!

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