National Children's Band Representative
During the week from 20th to 25th July, the Band was represented for the third time at the National Children's Band of Great Britain by William Norman. He started the week on cornet but was quickly transferred to flugel for the week where he made a great impression on the tutors and Musical Director of the band, Nicholas Childs, earning him the award for the outstanding contribution during the week.

Beer and Music!
On Saturday 25th July the Band played at one of its favourite engagements of the year, the Cotswold Beer Festival at Postlip Hall. This is one of those events where the atmosphere is relaxed, the music is good (of course!) and we get to momentarily feel like pop stars with crazy audiences! The beer connoisseurs enjoyed sampling the various real ales on offer whilst we provided a musical background featuring popular items such as 'The Dambusters', 'YMCA', 'Land of Hope and Glory', 'Jerusalem', 'Those Magnificent Men', 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', 'Rock Around the Croc', etc.

Proms Picnic
On the afternoon of Saturday 18th July the Band provided the entertainment in three segments for a Picnic in the Park Proms concert by the village hall at Uckinghall. The audience and their picnics were treated to a wide selection of music from our current repertoire culminating in our last night of the Proms selection where the audience were all invited to come closer to the marquee where the Band was playing to join in the singing.

A big thank you goes to our three guest players: Ben Stratford on euphonium, Clare Jakeman on Eb Bass and Phil Storer on flugel.

Tour Fundraising
The Worcestershire Youth Brass Band features two of our members, George Cullwick on Eb Bass and Katie Travers on cornet. Next year the WYBB is hoping to make the long trip to the other side of the world and the Pacific island of Hawaii and is therefore encouraging its members to undertake fundraising ventures. George being very keen to go away with the WYBB again decided that he would do his bit by having his legs waxed for sponsorship money....pictures of his experience can be found here (not for the faint hearted!).

Whilst on the subject of fundraising I should also mention that Jonathan Petticrew is busily raising funds for a school trip to India next year and would welcome any donations of spent printer toner cartridges for recycling.

Parisian Adventures!
Several of our younger band members (Hannah Williams, Jonathan Petticrew, Grace Windsor and Lucy Windsor) joined the Gloucestershire Youth Brass Band on its first international tour, to Paris in France.  Helen and I also accompanied the GYBB, Helen in her official capacity as the administrator for the GYBB and myself as an adult helper. The band played two concerts, the first at 7:30pm on Monday 13th July on the Fantasy Festival Stage at Eurodisney...Helen even got to conduct half of the programme, and the second to a huge audience in the Jardin de Luxembourg on Bastille Day.


Lakeside Music
Sunday 5th July saw the Band appear at Ghulevelt Park bandstand in Worcester. This bandstand is beautifully set on an island in the centre of the lake in the park. The weather held for the majority of the performance and there was a reasonable audience to hear us play. We played a programme similar to the one at Stroud bandstand in June without the highlight of George walking around the bandstand in 'Bare Necessities'; unfortunately he had forgotten his wellies! Thanks on this occasion go to Paula Ingelby who helped us out on horn, Clare Jakeman who played Eb Bass and our regular guest Dan Slater who was drafted in on euphonium.


Cabaret Independence in Bredon!
American Independence Day, Saturday 4th July 2009, was the date of the Training Band's annual Cabaret Evening where the members of the Training Band get to showcase their ever-improving talents in an informal concert environment. The pieces played by the Intermediate and Beginner Training Bands included an American theme. The evening commenced with a fantastic marching band style performance of the bright march 'Touchdown' especially choreographed for the occasion by the Training Band Leader, Helen Walters.

This was followed by the first of the solo items from our talented youngsters, Nicole McGillivray took to the stage in Bredon Village Hall dressed as a post-girl to play a fantastic rendition of 'Postman Pat' on her Bb Bass. This was followed by some daredevil antics from Emma Keene as she walked along a rope playing 'The Tightrope Walker' on her cornet from memory without a slip! Next came Thomas Petticrew as a vampire to play a spooky version of 'Dracula's Song' on his trombone.

The Beginner Band then gave a good Country and Western performance of 'Afternoon Cowboy' complete with cowboy hats and checked shirts! Hannah Williams on cornet then gave us a smoky jazz style piece 'They Can't Take That Away From Me' before Thomas Keene dressed in a resplendent pink boa gave us a sparkling version of 'I Feel Pretty'. One of the bands youngest members Amy Williams dressed as an Irish dancer to take us on a trip to hear 'The Galway Piper'.

A trio of players then took the stage in possibly the best costumes of the night (though that's a difficult one to judge!) to play 'Old MacDonald', Linda Lee on flugel was dressed as the farmer with her son Matthew on trombone dressed as a duck and Hannah Benbow on euphonium dressed as a sheep! The first half of the concert was brought to a close with a rock style version of the hymn tune 'Christ the King' featuring a percussion break by our five young percussionists: William Norman, Becky Wilmot, Harry Stephenson, Laura Brewis and Ben Stock.

After a brief refreshments break the Intermediate Band opened the second half of the concert with 'Swingin' USA Style'. Henry Hick then took us to the cartoon world of 'The Flintstones' on his euphonium before Grace Windsor told us to 'Take That Look Off Your Face' with some beautifully warm cornet playing. BA Baracus then took the stage disguised as Matthew Lee to build a fantastic version of 'The A-Team Theme' on his trombone!

Hannah Norman then displayed her great tone on the euphonium as she whisked us off 'Over a Rainbow' to the musicals. Alex Blencowe gave us a Rat Pack feature with a rendition on his cornet of the song 'Aint That a Kick in the Head' before Lucy Windsor and her horn transported us across the Atlantic Ocean to hear a 'Nightingale Sing in Berkley Square'.

The Intermediate and Beginner Bands then combined forces to play a fitting tune entitled 'Little Acorns' hinting at their continued future development into great players. The evening was completed by Jonathan Petticrew giving us his superhero trombone version of the 'Superman' theme and a trio of our adult learners (Linda Lee on flugel, Penny Windsor on baritone and Sue Wilmot on horn) playing a specially arranged piece entitled 'Triotissimo'.

A fantastic evening of fun and music that highlighted the ever increasing depth of talent within the Tewkesbury Town band family.


Saturday 4th Cabaret Evening - Training Band [7pm]
Sunday 5th Gheluvelt Park Bandstand, Worcester [2:30-4:30pm]
Saturday 18th Party in the Park Proms @ Uckinghall [2-5pm]
Saturday 25th Cotswold Beer Festival, Postlip Hall [12pm-3pm]


Sunday afternoon in Malvern
Our final bandstand concert of the summer took place on Sunday 30 August at the bandstand in Malvern. As usual there was a good audience sat in the park and on the steps behind the Malvern Theatre to enjoy our playing. We played a selection of the music from our summer programme including several of our newer items and some old favourites.

The audience were treated to performances of 'The Boy From Menaem' and 'Overture to the Royal Fireworks' to open our programme. With our trip to Germany in mind we then gave the audience 'A Strauss Cocktail' before hearing from our first soloist of the afternoon Will Norman playing 'Rusalka's Song to the Moon'. Will was joined by his front row colleagues to give a rendition of 'Tijuana Holiday' before the band played the enigmatic and expressive Ennio Morricone film music 'Once Upon A Time in the West'. Then just as his family were leaving to take his nephew to hospital with a broken elbow as a result of a climbing frame incident Hadrian Walters stood up to play 'Every Time You Say Goodbye' on his trombone! A few 'Welsh Echoes' and a quick Strauss polka 'Auf Der Jagd' brought our first half to a close.

The second half opened with the upbeat Salvationist march 'Goldcrest'. This was followed by a little bit of Central America with Helen Walters playing her cornet solo 'Fiesta Mexicana' and the band following this with 'La Cucaracha'. George Cullwick entertained us once more with his fantastic 'The Bare Necessities' before the back row cornets gave us 'Something Stupid'. This was followed by the mood swings of 'Argos' by Raymond Gobbo and 'A Stroll in the Park' with Philip Sparke.

We then gave our premiere performances of two pieces. The first was a rousing rendition of Goff Richard's fantastic 'Hymns of Praise', a selection of popular hymns skilfully arranged to provide an uplifting piece of music. The second is rather dubiously entitled the 'World's Greatest Hits' but provides the audience with a quick gallop through several famous classical and brass band pieces to cover all the items that we would have liked to have played if we had time. The concert was brought to a conclusion with the ever popular collection of American folk tunes 'Hootenanny'.

A big Thank You to Steve 'Weenie' Jones for helping us out on kit percussion.

Pittville Park
On Sunday 16 August the Band made its first appearance at Pittville Park in Cheltenham for a number of years. It was a fine but windy day and there was a large audience enjoying Sunday afternoon in the park.

Our programme included several items from our summer programme including the Frisian Air ‘The Boy From Menaem’,   the ‘Overture to the Royal Fireworks’, ‘Argos’, ‘Goldcrest’ and the jolly ‘A Stroll in the Park’.

We also featured several of our soloists during the afternoon and due to the wind the stand holding skills of Hannah Norman were required to prevent the loss of music! Hannah’s brother Will played the lovely ‘Rusalka’s Song to the Moon’, Kev Bennett played the haunting ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, Helen Walters gave a lively rendition of ‘Fiesta Mexicana’, George Cullwick entertained with ‘The Bare Necessities’ and Hadrian Walters played ‘Every Time You Say Goodbye’.

We would like to Thank Andrew Jones and Ben Stratford who helped us out on horn and euphonium respectively.


Dorchester Band Camp
On Friday 7th August the Training Band, plus family and several Senior Band friends, set off on their annual Band Camp. For the third consecutive year Band Camp was taking place at the friendly Lyons Gate campsite near Cerne Abbas. Unlike the past two years where we have suffered wet and windy band camps this year the sun decided to shine and we had some fantastic weather for our bandstand concerts.
On arrival on Friday afternoon we set up camp and enjoyed our usual delicious food from Chris's Kitchen (Chris Poole ably assisted her daughter Helen and Steve Edgar)...a big thank you for the yummy food! During the evening we had an Britain's Got Talent style event where the happy campers were divided into teams and given a collection of odd items from which to create musical instruments and a performance from in half an hour. The results of this exercise were then performed to a panel of harsh judges who selected a winning team.
On Saturday we made our way to Sherborne to perform a lunchtime concert on the bandstand there. This was a bandstand in a pretty park with plenty of people sat on the grass listening to our performance. After the concert we had time to explore the picturesque town of Sherborne before making our way back to the campsite for a short break before travelling down the road to the Hunters Moon Pub for an evening BBQ and short concert there.

On Sunday morning the children of the Training Band undertook the task of planting several young trees for the campsite owner in the woods surrounding the campsite. Each tree was named after members of the Band Camp organising team. On Sunday afternoon we visited the nearby town of Dorchester to give our final concert of the tour on the bandstand in the park. The sun continued to shine attracting a large audience for our concert which was also recorded by the local hospital radio volunteers.


A Sunny Afternoon in Ross on Wye
Our summer bandstand concerts continued on Sunday 2nd August with one of the warmest days that we have had for our performance there. The good weather meant that there was a good audience for our concert either relaxing on the grass, enjoying a drink at the nearby public house or enjoying a stroll by the river. The concert showcased our summer programme and commenced with the popular 'Boy From Menaem'. It featured music from Handel 'Overture from the Royal Fireworks' and starred several of our soloists. William Norman played 'Rusalka's Song to the Moon', Helen Walters played 'Trumpet Triplets', George Cullwick entertained the audience with 'The Bare Necessities', the back row cornets gave us 'Something Stupid' and Kev Bennett gave us a haunting moody 'Once Upon A Time In The West'.

For those wandering by the river we played 'A Stroll in the Park' a piece that never fails to make people feel happy! We also gave our premier performance of 'Argos' by Swiss composer Raymond Gobbo; this is a piece that starts with a swing tune, progresses into a beautiful slow melody and finishes with a Celtic dance. We also played several light numbers such as 'Rock Around the Croc' and 'Tijuana Holiday' before rounding the afternoon off with a sparkling rendition of 'Hootenanny'!

Wedding Music!
On Saturday 1st August, a sextet from the Band (Helen Poole, George Cullwick, Robin Purser, Nigel Morgan, Helen and Hadrian Walters)  were pleased to provide the background music at the wedding reception for former member, Mandy Hounsome and her husband Gavin Neill. It was good to be part of such a wonderful occasion. We played for approximately two hours and provided a selection of light fun music to suit the occasion.

Our Congratulations go to Mandy and Gavin Neill and we wish them a long happy life together.


Saturday 1st Mandy & Gavin's Wedding [Small Band Ensemble]
Sunday 2nd Ross on Wye Bandstand [2:30-4:30pm]
Friday 7th to
Sunday 9th
Training Band Tour to Dorchester
Sunday 16th Pittville Park, Cheltenham [2:30-4:30pm]
Sunday 30th Malvern Bandstand [2:30-4:30pm]

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