2001 - 2003

Martin Ashworth
2nd Cornet

Martin began playing when he was 12 with Kington Town band but gave up after a few years. Since then he says that he would pick his instrument up about every five years and play it for a week and then forget about it again for another five years! After about thirty years of doing this, he decided at the end of 2001 that he was either going to learn to play it properly or just forget it and he hasn't stopped since. Despite finding it hard to learn and improvement is slow (sounds good from where I sit though!) he encourages playing as a perfect way of de-stressing at the end of a hard day! At work he tells 20 people what to do but at band he thoroughly enjoys being the beginner without having to take the responsibility! His ambitions are to improve his playing, enjoy the band and to make up for lost years.

His inspiration for playing  comes from Gloria in Brassed Off (now there's inspiration!), Louis Armstrong, Herb Albert and many others!

Martin won the Dave Crowe Memorial Cup for the Cornet Player of the Year 2001. 

September 2003: Unfortunately for us, I have to announce the departure of Martin Ashworth from the band. Martin has been playing with Tewkesbury Town Band since 2001 and was steadily working his way up through the cornet section and even won the Dave Crowe Memorial Cup for the Cornet Player of the Year in 2001. An active committee member and a friendly band member, we are all sad to see him go. However, Martin decided that he needed to expand his brass band experience and we wish him well with this. Thank you Martin for all your hard work with the band.

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