Martin (1980) - 2006
Sue 1996, 1998 - 2006

Martin & Sue Musto
Principle Cornet & Flugel Horn

Martin started to play the cornet when he was born and was principal cornet of the band by his first birthday. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration but it goes something like that! He left the band for a brief time (twice now) to look at some harder music but couldn't resist coming back to our smiling faces! If anyone would like to give him a Yamaha Maestro cornet then we'd very much appreciate it as he wants one quite badly, so he's told me just once or twice!!! His greatest asset of course is not his playing, nor his supply of earrings for the whole band in one ear, but his lovely wife Sue.

Sue... Before joining us, Sue played with Perscoran Brass. 
Sue never sits still - in just 4 years she has played horn, Flugel, horn, cornet, horn, and she's now back playing the flugel again! Her moves are usually to accommodate the band, however, and so illustrate what a great 'bandsman' she is!


When we used to practise at Alderman Knight School, band practice would not be complete without the entertainment of their two children! Becky, now 6,  is one of our greatest supporters and throughout band practice she would dance in the corridor behind the conductor and on numerous occasions has brought the band to a stop through making us laugh! If she doesn't like the piece then she doesn't dance though and we have to think carefully about whether it is really a good piece or not!
September 2002 - Becky now comes along to training band each week and is learning to play the tenor horn even though it's proportionally so big that it looks like she's playing a Eb bass!

The newest one is James, still in his first year of life in this picture (he's now 4) and he too came to more band practices than many of the Band in his first year!!!

Martin "eating" his Lamb Fahl at the Indian. I think it was a bit too hot though, hence the pints of milk!!!!

July 2003

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