July 2004

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King moves to Shirley Band
TTB solo cornet player Tom King has moved to the 1st section Birmingham based Shirley Band. Tom was an original Tewkesbury training band member back in about 1997. After being inspired by us he moved to Avonbank (junior?) band where he developed further before coming back to join our senior band in the year 2000. Since then, Tom quickly moved his way up along the back row and then on to the front bench. Tom was a valuable member of the team and we wish him the best of luck with his playing in the future. Thank you for your commitment and hard work Tom.


Solo Cornet Vacancy
Due to the news above, we now have a vacancy for a solo cornet player. If you would like to join our friendly active band then please contact us either via email (melbo@zoom.co.uk) or phone our secretary Sue Corrigan on 01453 546096. Why not come to a few practices and see if this is the band for you!


Valued committee member resigns
Also connected to the news above, above (!), Peta King has decided to leave the committee so that she can support the two bands her children are now in (Shirley and Avonbank). Peta has been a great asset to the committee and the band, doing a very efficient job as contest secretary. There is no news as to who her successor will be yet, so if there's anyone in the band that would love this job then shout now!......hmmm.... It's all gone quiet!! Thank you Peta.

Whilst we were away happy as could be on our honeymoon, we found out on ringing home, that the Band has been relegated back to the 4th section from January 1st 2005. Now this news could ruin a holiday, and it could certainly ruin a band, but not us and not Tewkesbury! Whilst it's not the best news ever and it was a bit of a surprise that they relegated so many bands from the third section, the band is stronger than ever with new players of high calibre still joining all the time and we are looking forward to working hard and hopefully winning a few more prizes again before moving back up to the third section and beyond!

Judy takes time out
2nd Cornet player Judy Bailey has resigned from the band this month as she felt that she didn't have the time to commit to the band properly. That is the sort of player and band member that Judy was while she was with the band - a proper one! - she was 100% committed to the band, anything was not good enough. Judy did an excellent job as Chairman during 2003-2004 and we thank her for all her hard work during her time with us. We hope to see her back again one day!


Saturday 3rd Pershore Festival of Brass [www.midsummerbrass.ic24.net]
Sunday 18th Malvern Bandstand
Sunday 25th Stratford upon Avon Bandstand
Saturday 31st Cotswold Beer Festival, Postlip Hall

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June 2004

Training Band Concert and Picnic
After the downpours the day before, my hopes were not too high for the weather being fine for our outdoor concert and picnic on the lawns of the vicarage to Tewkesbury Abbey on Sunday 27th June 2004. Perhaps it was something to do with the venue, but someone was looking after us as it was a fine day and the rain held off until the last few were packing their picnic things away at the end! It was a beautiful setting for the concert and a very enjoyable afternoon. The Beginner Band took the first half, playing nearly all the pieces in their repertoire starting of course, with 'Rat-A-Tat' by Gary Young. In fact it was a bit of a Gary Young collection as they continued with his 'First Tune' and Peppermint Tango' and later played their new piece, 'Shaker Song'. Also in their programme was my arrangement of 'If You're Happy and You Know It' and David Beal's 'Wild West Yonder'. I received many comments after the concert about how impressed people were by the Beginner Band. Well done!

The second was then given over to the Intermediate Band who opened in style with my arrangement of 'Tragedy'. They then took the audience on a Little tour of Europe, this time visiting Italy, Greece and Norway, before playing 'Inspector Gadget'. Following this we went to the zoo with Allan Bullard's Zoological Band meeting the 'Sad Sea-Lion' and the 'Prickly Porcupine', before dancing to a 'Calypso'  by Nick Mills and finally marching home with 'Festival March'.

Following the concert we all sat down to our picnics before games of football and badminton took over and all the children disappeared behind the hedge playing until they were called to go home!

Thanks must go to the Williams' for letting us invade their garden - it really was a great afternoon. Thank you.


Second Fete Performance - and it's still wet!
Yep, unfortunately Saturday 26th June 2004 was a rainy day too as the Intermediate Band performed at the Lakeside School fete in Hatherley, Cheltenham. It started off well though as we were privileged to play inside on a nice stage in the school hall. Crowds gathered as we played favourites such as Harry Potter, Inspector Gadget, Tragedy, Star Wars and more. The interesting part came when we were due to play our second slot outside. The organisers had kindly put up two patio gazebo's which we just about fitted under but unfortunately they didn't meet in the middle and the rain was blowing in from the sides! We eventually got it all pegged together so that the only rain coming through the gap was on to me, and with the support of some parents and their golf umbrellas those on the edge were better protected (except for Hadrian who looked like he'd been for a swim fully clothed afterwards!). We were ready to start and wanted to play as we were there anyway and couldn't go anywhere else as we would have got soaked stepping out from under the gazebo, but unfortunately the horses who were giving rides on the other side of the field were supposedly very sensitive and so we had to wait for them to stop before we could start being noisy! Finally, as the pegs were getting loose and the rain was getting harder we played a few pieces but eventually gave in. Hopefully next year it will be a really sunny day to make up for it!


First Fete Performance
On Saturday 19th June 2004, our Training Bands played at a school fete for the first time. It was the Alderman Knight School fete and the Training Band played to help the senior band out! We played at 1pm and then the senior band played at 2pm. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best of the British weather and during our second piece we had to abandon ship and run inside as the rain was getting quite heavy!! We eventually set up inside again and managed to entertain the crowds with a few more pieces before the next act took over. It was an early lesson in the guide to performing in a brass band!


Bands in the Park: Episode 1
Sunday 13th June saw the Band play its first park engagement of 2004 at Stratford Park in Stroud. The crowds gathered on this beautifully sunny day, equipped with their chairs and cups of tea (they're very sophisticated in Stroud!), ready to be entertained. This they certainly were with a varied programme of old favourites and new tunes as well as some stunning solo performances. We opened our programme with the toe-tapping, 'There's No Business Like Show Business' and this was followed by the finger-clicking-good Ken Smith arrangement of 'Summer Nights'. The next piece was a selection from 'My Fair Lady' that had originally been bought for our wedding concert as it starts with the tune 'We're getting married in the morning...'! Then it was time for our first soloist, principal cornet Martin Musto. He chose to play the beautiful and lively 1988 Eurovision song contest winner, 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi'. 'Something Stupid' followed when he was joined by fellow cornet player Helen Walters for a duet. This was followed by 'Can't Take My Eyes of You' and then we featured our second soloist, 1st Trombone Hadrian Walters. Hadrian played the beautiful, 'I Made It Through the Rain'. It was then time for the rousing Can-Can from 'Orpheus in the Underworld' before we finished our first half with music from the film, 'Gladiator'.

The second half opened in traditional style with 'Radetsky March'. We then played Happy Birthday for 4 year Matthew Crowe who's birthday treat was then to stand on a podium and conduct the band in 'Postman Pat'! This entertained the younger ones while the next piece was more appreciated by a few older members of the audience! It was called 'Cliff' and included Summer Holiday, Livin' Doll, Batchelor Boy and The Young Ones. Our third soloist of the day then took centre stage playing the hit 'He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother'. This was marvellously played by our solo horn player, John Jemmett. He was then joined by the rest of the horns section (Sarah Corwe, Sue Musto and Betty Ellis) to play 'Hey Jude'. Our final soloist was Jonathan Allen who danced wonderfully with 'The Bass in the Ballroom'. It was then the final run to the end with a selection from 'Fantasia on British Sea Songs', the beautiful 'Swedish Folk Song' and our own march, 'Tewkesbury'.

Brass Plays the Proms
On Saturday 12th June 2004, the crowds packed in to the Roses Theatre for another evening of fun and frolics at our annual proms concert. We were joined on stage during the evening by world renound tuba soloist Steve Sykes, and soprano vocalist Sue Black, but more on that later.

With the stage decked with numerous Union Flags, the band opened with the dramatic opening drum roll and follow up from 'There's No Business Like Show Business'. This woke the audience up and let them know that they were in for a good night of entertainment. However, the mood changed slightly for the second, more serious piece, Offenbach's overture from 'Orpheus in the Underworld'.

The more light-hearted show business then came back to the fore as we welcomed on to the stage Steve Sykes. Steve entertained the audience not only with his amazing playing but also his witty comments between pieces. Steve chose to play two pieces in his first slot accompanied by the band and the third one with his own CD backing. First up was Roy Newsome's well known, 'The Bass In The Ballroom', with a few added twiddly bits. His second piece was the lyrical 'Feelings' in which he demonstrated the art of circular breathing. Following this the band got a rest as he played his own arrangement of Rafel Hermandez's, 'El Cumbanchero'.

The band and audience then got to enjoy two songs by Franz Lehar, dramatically performed by Sue Black. The first song was titled 'Someday I'll Find Him' and was about a young woman dreaming of one day falling truly in love. The second song was a little more flamboyant and I'm sure you can use your imagination with the title, 'On My Lips Every Kiss Is Like Wine'!

Before the interval, the band took centre stage again to play our very own march, 'Tewkesbury'. This was then followed by a selection of music from the film, 'Gladiator'.

After the interval the Band returned with the rousing, hand-clapping, foot-tapping, 'Radetsky March'. We then featured our horn section in Derek Broadbent's arrangement of the popular Lennon and McCartney tune, 'Hey Jude'.

It was then time to welcome back Steve Sykes and his tuba! His first piece was the jazzy 'Sweet Georgia Brown' in an arrangement that he had written himself. Following this, he then got the audience to sing a beautiful rendition of 'Edelweiss'! You had to be there to know why! He second piece was another slow one, this time it was Don Morrison's, 'He Wipes the Tear From Every Eye'. Steve's last piece was the popular Monti's, 'Czardas'. Before he started he made a point of highlighting the fact that the piece was spelt wrong in the programme, before continuing to tease the band and conductor by playing never-ending long notes during the piece!

Then it was on to the 'Last Night of the Proms' section where the audience went crazy as we played Henry Wood's, 'Fantasia on British Sea Songs', during which we were joined again by Sue Black to sing Rule Britannia, Parry's 'Jerusalem' and finally Elgar's 'Pomp and Circumstance No.1'. Following several repeats during this, the audience still called for more and so we sent them out singing the new band anthem by playing the last refrain from 'Tewkesbury'!



Saturday 12th

Brass Plays the Proms Concert, Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury 7:30pm

Sunday 13th Stroud Bandstand
Saturday 19th Alderman Knight School Fete 1pm TRAINING BAND 2pm SENIOR BAND
Saturday 26th Lakeside School fete, Hatherley 1:30pm TRAINING BAND
Sunday 27th TRAINING BAND Picnic and Concert

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May 2004

'Music on the Move' in Tewkesbury
Over the weekend of 29th – 31st May 2004, the Band played a series of 14 concerts in celebration of our 30th Anniversary. The tour, titled ‘Music on the Move’, took the Band and our music to some of the villages and towns surrounding Tewkesbury, as well as Tewkesbury itself, of course. At each venue the Band played a programme of 30 minutes or more and featured our brand new march, Tewkesbury!

The tour was great fun even if it was hard work. We met at the army camp at 9am on the Saturday morning and loaded all the instruments, chairs, stands, banners and signs on to the coach, not forgetting us, the players, and a few families and supporters too! Than it was off to destination number 1: The Handyman Centre in Tewkesbury where it was their 30th Anniversary too! Off came all the chairs, stands banners....etc. and in just a few minutes the Band was ready to start our first concert. We opened our tour with a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday', both for us and The Handyman Centre, and then followed it with the first ever public performance of 'Tewkesbury'. After a few more tunes, some birthday cake and bubbly (we didn't get his everywhere!) it was time to load everything back on to the coach and move on to our next venue which was Bishop's Cleeve. The weekend went on in a similar fashion, entertaining the public in their own villages. Much fun was had by all!


The Flock is getting bigger so we've got some Shepherds in!
The title may be bad but the good news is that Andy and Angie Shepherd have joined the Band on Eb Bass and Principal Euphonium respectively. Both players were previously members of Cinderford Band and are players of exceptional capability! Welcome to Tewkesbury Town Band!

Welcome Back!

Sorry to have deserted all you enthusiastic Tewkesbury fans recently but we had the small matter of a wedding to organise! That was on the 24th April, then we had the hard task of going on our honeymoon, forcing ourselves to stay away for 3 1/2 weeks! We had a great time visiting Australia and Japan though, stopping at Perth, Sydney and Tokyo! We even went to a band practise in Sydney! Anyway, keep coming back and checking below this message as we try and fill in the gaps of all the excitement in Tewkesbury since February! Bye!

30th Anniversary 'Music on the Move' Tour

This coming weekend, the band aims to play a series of approximately 30 minute long (for 30 years) concerts, in and around Tewkesbury. All the concerts will be free to listen to (although you may have to pay an entrance fee to the fete on the Monday) so please come to as many as you like! If you are there at 10am on Saturday you will be privileged to hear the first ever public performance of the bands new march, Tewkesbury! The itinery will hopefully be as follows:

Saturday 29th May 2004

10:00am The Handy Man Centre, Tewkesbury
(It's their 30th Anniversary too!)

11:30am The War Memorial, Bishop's Cleeve

13:00 Oak Hill School, Alderton

14:45 Toddington Garden Centre (by the GWR station)

17:00 Gotherington playing fields (by the Village Hall)

18:30 Hare and Hounds Pub, Churchdown

Sunday 30th May 2004

10:30am Winchcombe Town Centre

12:15pm The Fleet Inn, Twyning

14:30 Upton upon Severn (near the Heritage Centre)

16:00 The Green at Apperley (opposite the school)

17:15 Bredon Village Hall

18:30 The Queen's Head Pub, Aston Cross

Monday 31st May 2004
12:35pm and 3:00pm Tewkesbury Abbey Fete
The Grand Finale!

Also planned for the 30th Anniversary is a concert at the Roses Theatre on Saturday 4th September 2004 and a special lunch for the Band the following day. Tickets for the concert will be available from the Roses Theatre shortly so don't miss out! A reminder for any past players or conductors of the band, that if you would like to take part in this concert then please contact us as we hope to have as many past members there as possible. If you have already contacted us about this, it might be a good idea to contact us again just to make sure that we have you on our list!!


Saturday 29th Concert Tour of the Villages of Tewkesbury - See News page for more details
Sunday 30th Concert Tour of the Villages of Tewkesbury - See News page for more details
Monday 31st Tewkesbury Abbey Fete - See News page for more details


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