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Lifetime member

Peter Williams
2nd Trombone & Chairman

If you're ever lost for something to do then just ask Pete how honey is made!! With hobbies of brass banding and bee keeping, you can tell that Pete is your average man. Hmm...????

In 1999, Mr Williams, along with Keith, became a Lifetime member of the band after 25 years of dedicated service. Pete is a founder member of the band that re-formed in 1974 and has held the positions of Chairman and Band Manager on the committee. Each practice, Pete is there before anyone else setting out the chairs and stands, making sure everything is ready for us. Now that we have our new bandroom he is relieved of this a lot but thanks Pete for all the times you have done it!

Pete is great to go to the pub with as you can guarantee that he won't be able to resist buying some crisps!! Whenever he eats mine though they're always stuck together when they come out of the packet - I still can't understand how he manages to get those ones each time!!!!


Pete Eating Cake! - Trust me there's many more pictures to be added to this, and these are just the times when we had the camera ready!
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October News 2003:

Sliding Up to 70!
On 14th October 2003 Peter Williams, the band's second trombonist and longest serving member (having been ever present in the band since it was reformed in 1974), celebrated his 70th birthday. To mark this special occasion the band ended its' practice on the 15th October by playing an arrangement of 'Happy Birthday' (by fellow trombonist Hadrian Walters]. During the playing of 'Happy Birthday' a birthday cake with candles was brought in to the bandroom (thankfully they make candles in number shapes, otherwise the smoke alarms would have been triggered!). An impromptu party to consume the cake and a bottle of sparkling wine followed the practice and continued at the Queens Head public house.

Congratulations Peter and here's looking forward to celebrating your 76th birthday in 6 years time with a rendition of '76 Trombones'!


Winner of:
Jeff Clarke Cup awarded to the Band Member of the Year 2001 & 2007


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