Skittles and Quiz Night!

Friday 2nd November 2001 was an evening of fun, competition and more fun, expertly organised and overseen by 'Mother and Daughter' team Christine and Helen Poole! I thought it was a great night as I won a bottle of wine for my top score in the skittles match along with Mark Windsor! 

chris poole bowling.jpg (22747 bytes)helen p drinking coke.jpg (58201 bytes) Mother and Daughter Team!
Nice action there from the professional!
juliet bowling.jpg (33757 bytes) Juliet carefully calculating the exact speed required to knock over that last skittle! Skittles quiz.jpg (42793 bytes) Can you feel the concentration here during the quiz?! It paid off though as they won!
Skittles group.jpg (68100 bytes) Despite being at a social event, still Nigel stands over his team, coaching them to win!... juliet, adrian and adrian.jpg (59056 bytes) ...but are they taking any notice??

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