The training band has received 1000 from the National Foundation for Youth Music for the purchase of new instruments! Youth Music has given us 900 and we were required to raise 100 (10%) which we did through a  donation from the main band. We hope to buy at least two new tenor horns, providing more suitable instruments and making more available. It is a great start to replacing all the old instruments we have!

"Youth Music is a charity which was set up in 1999 with 30m of Lottery funding, through the Arts Council of England. The Work of Youth Music was endorsed in July 2001 by a further 30m to allow us to continue our work for another 3 years., up to 2005. Youth Music provides music-making opportunities for children and young people up to the age of 18 who principally live in areas of social and economic need. By the end of 2001 Youth Music aims to have reached more than 1 million people, providing many of them with their first ever music-making experiences.

It is widely appreciated that involvement in music-making advances other aspects of learning and individual development, particularly where the involvement is from an early age. Youth Music funds programmes and schemes which support music-making principally outside school hours, in communities, youth clubs and groups where music making can be introduced and developed amongst young people who otherwise may not have the opportunity."


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